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We started this Prayer Ministry in 1999 (Prayer Warriors have offered 6011998 Prayers of Intercession Here). We've always sown our last into keeping it going. Now we could use a little help.
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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6011998 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Praise Reports Page
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Praise Jesus for His healing touch over my body! Randy

praise report posted on 7/10/2019

Please pray I will have GODís FAVOR at my new job and skills needed to perform my nursing job well. Thank you!

praise report posted on 7/10/2019

I thank and praise God for helping my family and I through all our daily concerns. I thank and praise God for leading us, protecting us, healing us, providing for and guiding us and helping us through all our neighborhood concerns. I thank and praise God for blessing and keeping us. Hallelujah! Bless His Holy Name! In Jesus Name

findingpearls15@gmail.com posted on 7/8/2019

Thank God for the economic miracle!

praise report posted on 7/8/2019

M suppose to reduce stress because of heart and stroke issues and they keep pulling me in their issues. Iím only wanted around when I can do for you..... family and in-laws. Lord protect me and guide me. Pray for Lindsay during her blood clots in her pregnancy.

praise report posted on 7/6/2019

I thank and praise God for helping my family and I through all our concerns. I thank and praise God for making a way for us when there appears to be no way. I thank and praise God for healing and delivering us and giving us His Perfect Peace. I thank and praise God for providing for us and protecting us. Praise The Lord, Hallelujah! He Is Awesome & Worthy To Be Praised! In Jesus Name! Thank You Jesus!

findingpearls15@gmail.com posted on 7/3/2019

I thank and praise God for helping, favoring, providing for, Blessing, Guiding, Directing, Leading, Delivering, protecting, healing, and giving His Perfect Peace to my family and I. In Jesus Name! Hallelujah! Amen!

findingpearls15@gmail.com posted on 6/26/2019

I have job searched for over a year, but I kept faith in our Lord and by knowing so many of yíall were praying me through the hard times; the abuse at my old job and all. I have finally been blessed with a new job and itís wonderful! Itís the perfect one Iíve been waiting for all this time.

praise report posted on 6/18/2019

Urgent PRAYER Helps me Father-God, how do l pay C.S., l owe alot, l have a bad left knee, that dislocates it self, must ware a band to keep in socket, employment, must be walking distance, cant afford to ride the bus, l have no cell Phone so employers, can call me, l must borrow , phone, so they can call me, Employers, tell me no opening, at this time, Circumstances, and Adversity, works hard AGAINST me, l Must Keep Fighting, if l dont started paying, the C.S.,† l will lose my freedom, l wont be able to see my wife and childten, for along time, l surely Need a Miracle, for Source of Income Regularly, to pay what l owe. I have No Helps of Any Kind, l ask my local church,† they wont Helps me out, they saids thats Not our problem, l Must Keep Praying, EveryDay, for a solution, to my circumstanes. Thank You Friends In-Christ In Jesus Name Amen

praise report posted on 6/15/2019

.Father-God Consuelo Macias and Patricia Macias Sanchez must think You Father-God, are not. Important, Priorities of the world is more Importance, they dont go to the bible study with her Husband Merced Macias, as a family, let them suffer the consequences for neglecting, their first Love, You Father-God, they forget Eternity is a long time, with You ForEver,† they seen to have no time for You Father-God, Your voice will says, you have no time for ME, l have no time for you. Parable of the 10 Virgins. O Father-God, how Important it is to caltivate our relationship with You EveryDay, Fathet-God, before we leave this Earth and In Your Presences. In Jesus Name Amen

praise report posted on 6/13/2019

I thank and praise God for His Love, Presence, Help, Blessing & Provisions that He Shines upon my family and daily. Without His Loving Presence and Help we would surely fail. Praise God! Our God Is So Awesome & Worthy! In Jesus Name! Hallelujah!

findingpearls15@gmail.com posted on 6/11/2019

Praising Our Wonderful God I thank and praise God for Leading, Perserving, Protecting, Delivering And Protecting My Family And I. We Stand Daily Due To God's Loving Presence, Guidance And Help. Blessed Be The God Of Scripture! We Thank-You God For Your Love For Your Human Worshippers. We Praise You In Jesus Name! Hallelujah!

findingpearls15@gmail.com posted on 5/29/2019

Prayers for complete healing and restoration of Gillian and Donnie til death do them part. May God cause this to be.

praise report posted on 5/23/2019

Please pray that I get on a diet and lose weight and stop eating so poorly.

praise report posted on 5/15/2019

Thank the Lord for answered prayer for financial help. I should be able to pay my most important bills. Amen!

praise report posted on 5/6/2019

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