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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014434 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Praise the Lord, we have been praying about my car for two months and I got it out of tje shop today. Now I need a good job so thay I can payy bills. Please continue to pray for me.

praise report posted on 12/21/2012

Praise God!!! God has had me in the "deep" for a long time. I truly began crying out as King David cried out. I told God exactly how I was feeling. I really didnt want to come out my house today. I already knew "evil" would be waiting. Praise God!!! I was place into a difficult situation, but I stood firm and pressed through it praying to God. Fortunately "evil" was over ridden by "good" people and I successfully cast down "evil" on the Strength of God. And God heard my prayers for His Help. Praise God!!! (Psalm 69:1-4, 14; Psalm 23:1-5; Matthew 6:12-13; 2 Corinthians 10:4-7) Praise God!!! I'm So Happy In The Lord!!! Praise God!!!

savedchristian316@live.com posted on 12/20/2012

This morning I prayed for money to buy people presents & declared before I call He answers. Well I then looked at my bank and had an extra 830$ praise God!!!

praise report posted on 12/19/2012

I posted a prayer request to ask for a new job since I was recently laid off. I was quite afraid as I am a single father with a daughter and a mortgage. However, thanks be to God and my brothers and sisters, I have been offered a better job only a month later. Thank you Lord and my brothers and sisters for praying for me!

praise report posted on 12/19/2012

I posted this prayer request earlier today (see below) and God answered it. The Criminal Compensation Board is paying the hospital bill. Praise God!! "Pray that God prompts the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board to take my case before 12/27/12. That's the date I am summoned to appear in court to pay over $700.00 in medical bills that resulted after I was attacked and hit on the head repeatedly with a pipe. Someone intervened and they ran off. I was taken by ambulance to a hospital where they gave me staples in my head. Pray that God moves the Board to accept my case and pays the bill. Thank you and God bless you."

bboppitybop@yahoo.com posted on 12/19/2012

I want to thank God and the two people that prayed for me yesterday concerning the pain in my legs and feet within trying to go to keep my doctor's appointment at 10:00 PM today.I was able to go and get refills on medications I take daily and my doctor has set up an appointment for me to have an x-ray done on my hip and he said we will go from there...God Bless you!

praise report posted on 11/29/2012

We are praising God that our dear cousin Paula's second spot was not cancer. Please pray that she do the correct surgery and treatment and be cancer-free.Please pray that she and her family be fully devoted followers of Christ. Please pray for encouragement and peace of mind for her family and that the entire extended family be healthy.

praise report posted on 11/29/2012

God is so good to me. Thank you, Lord, for being my Father, my God, my everything. Please don't let me lose You. I love You with all my heart. Please make me love You more & more & more & more... I love You. I love You. I love You. I love You...Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Thank you for all of your prayers.

praise report posted on 11/28/2012

thank you for all who prayed for the blessed and safe holiday it went well

praise report posted on 11/25/2012

Praise God he restored my friendship with my best friend Lauren. We are talking and communicating and coming to an understanding of how we need to operate as friends from here forward. We are already discussing when I can come out to visit her again.

praise report posted on 11/25/2012

I praise God because the means to report my timesheet was unavailable with a holiday waiting period but I was able to contact someone who got my timesheet approved. I praise God that he sustains me despite of my older age and anxiousness. I praise God because He is the Solid Rock I can lean on when I feel I can't go on. I praise God because He is a Father and a Friend. Despite whatever I experience in this world I know that God is Faithful. He will never leave me nor forsake me. Hallelujah!!!

savedchristian316@live.com posted on 11/24/2012

Thank you Father God for answered prayer. Throughout the month of September 2012, I asked for prayer to repair my broken relationship with Mathew, and praise God my prayers where answered. Mathew not only came back home, but we also got married. Thank you so much prayer warriors. and Thank You Lord Jesus, I give all the glory to God.

elady2ed2@yahoo.com posted on 11/23/2012

I praise God because the Church "mother" unexpectedly asked me to pour oil on her and pray over her during Church service. I thank God for this honor. I praise God for healing, protecting, blessing and strengthening our Church "mother" because she is nearly 80 years old. I praise and thank God for taking care of her, me, my blood mother, my family, my church and all Christians world wide. Praise God!

reachingouttoany@live.com posted on 11/18/2012

I got the job I wanted! I had been unemployed for over 3 months and had been submitting prayers about it on this site and others for a long time and today I got the call. Thank God!

praise report posted on 11/13/2012

Thank you for your prayers. My father is getting better every day. He can go for short walks outside and he can drive his car again. Praise the Lord!

cdgerber@mweb.co.za posted on 11/8/2012

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