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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014434 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Thank you, Lord for prayers answered. Thank you Prayer Warriors for praying for me, my co-workers, and my family.

praise report posted on 5/3/2012

You people are AWESOME! I requested prayer because my home was going to be foreclosed today. My husband and I both recently obtained employment but no one would listen. I called the CEOs office and finally talked to someone and 1 hour before the sale was to take place they postponed it until June 7th so that we could apply for a loan. This home was set for foreclosure in February of 2009. God's hand is certainly very, very big. Thank you to everyone who believes in this awesome God of ours. Blessings to all of you. Amen.

praise report posted on 5/3/2012

i thank all of u for all of your prayers that i not be in any legal trouble. praise god, so far i am not. i thank god for his love and mercies, and for the prayers of my fellow believers. prayer does work ! praise god !!

rhinos37@hotmail.com posted on 4/28/2012

Good morning and thank You:i am finally going to get paid in full with benefits.

praise report posted on 4/27/2012

Nothing Fails Like Prayer.Tried It For 32 Years !!!

praise report posted on 4/18/2012

Heavenly Father - Thank you for watching out for me and being with me even when I am disappointing to you. Thank you for watching out over me and my family. You bless me each and every day, and I am eternally grateful to you. Blessed be the Lord Almighty!

praise report posted on 4/17/2012

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer and having my wife contact the kids. thank you for answering my prayer to reconcile with my brothers. thank you for getting my wife to cancell the restraining order. thank you for your word.

praise report posted on 4/15/2012

About a month ago I put in a request for a single mom's little Girl who was having a-lot of medical problems than she a great deal difficulty swalling and she was vomiting continuously. I want to let you know that she is completely better. And all her symptoms are gone. praise the lord

praise report posted on 4/13/2012

God has answered my prayers!!!! Thank you!!!

praise report posted on 3/30/2012

God is GOOOOOD! all the time. I ask for prayer for my son Kam for a postive turn around in his life and thanks to the good Lord I am seeing that change. He has been get up going to hs new job!!! Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless you all

praise report posted on 3/29/2012

I just want to thank you all again as we have overcome at the doctors office and still have no reason except through prayer why . We do not have to have a transplant for now and well if things continue to improve who knows. It is the power of prayer and thanks to your help and support God has heard our cry. Thank You Vicky

fixture88@hotmail.com posted on 3/28/2012

Please pray for Kamuel for a postive life turn around!

praise report posted on 3/26/2012

Praise God to the highest!!! I ask for prayer for my son Kam. He has just got a job and found excuses why he could not go but, Thank God he went today. Thank you for the prayers

praise report posted on 3/26/2012

Thank u 2everyone who prayed for my grandson Jake last night. We thought he was getting another migraine but is much better today, thanks so much!

praise report posted on 3/26/2012

I requested prayer for my dad on Saturday when he went to the hospital with high sugar level, swollen heart and blocked blood vessel. Praise God the sugar level went down and the doctors said sometimes the ecg reading is wrong and he was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening! Thank you God, it's been so hard for me since i'm in Sweden studying and my family are in Trinidad and I can't be there at times of crisis. But God is present, praise God!!! God Bless you prayer warriors for your prayers!

praise report posted on 3/20/2012

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