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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6011998 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Thank you for those that prayed for Mr. Jesus Navarro. His story made national news. He is a 35 year old Oakland, CA father that is in need of a kidney transplant and was originally denied a transplant by University of California at San Francisco Kidney Transplant Center because they claim there is no guarantee that he will be in a position to receive the follow-up care necessary because of his uncertain immigration status in this country. He has worked hard all his life, has private insurance and his wife was tested and is a match for him. UCSF has reversed its decision today and Jesus is now expected to be at the top of the recipient list again within 3 to 6 months.

praise report posted on 2/9/2012

My name is Deborah- Most of my life in christian churches and ministries believing i was saved,filled with his spirit over 15 years. I was living a lie. the true Spirit of God came on my flesh and revealed after 15 years in christian ministries and churches that I was not filled with his Sprit, not saved/born again, false tongues, and had numerous demons and one devil in me. How could I have been ministering side by side with many well known ministers are anointed of God and they did not detect I was in darkness? When you have the true anointing of the Holy Spirit you will know all things in truth! I do now! No man will need to teach you. The true Creator thru his only son pulled me out of the ways from churches and ministries of this world. they are all greatly deceived worshipping god of this world. the mystery of babylon the great (all churches of world). mystery of iniquity which is the great city in the spirit realm reigns above the kings(all church leaders) of earth. A spiritual blood bath of many leaders and believers including all slain on the earth. I have a 9 page testimony that I am a witness in True power of the Holy Spirit and I saw Satan in spiritual relam ruling all church leaders of the world and gathering a great many deceived believers down road of destruction. 2thes2:3,4
Im telling the truth of God, the creator in jesus christ name. Your blood is not on my hands in the eyes of Almighty God and his only true son.
I bind the power and kingdom of God to stop every work of the devil against me in the name of Jesus Christ! I bind the word of God- the gates of hell will not prevail against me in Jesus Christ amen. The Lord rebukes every work of Satan be gone in Jesus name.

solidaszarock@aol.com posted on 2/9/2012

requested prayer that meeting with boss would go well and it went well...thanks prayer warriors

praise report posted on 2/8/2012

Thank you Lord and thank you Prayer Warriors - the situation with the lawsuit is going much, much better than expected!

praise report posted on 2/6/2012

my son had an large bulging inguinal hernia that shifted his private parts over to the other side of his groin..when i looked at it yesterday, there was no bulge there and his private parts were in the middle. I asked the lord only 2 times to heal my son of his hernia since he is autistic and i dont think he would do well with surgery. PRAISE JESUS!

praise report posted on 1/30/2012

I want to praise God for taking good care of Aunt Linda, and for His GREAT love and patience with each of us, His children. He is a good Daddy!

praise report posted on 1/21/2012

First of all I thank Lord He helped me and my one and all family members to reach the year 2012. I had lots of ups and downs in all our lives. Specially Lord brought my mother Susan David, Thomas Abraham, Jessy, Preethi, Jimmy, Rena, Steffi, Sophy, Pradeep, Dodo, Babu, Monisha, Susan Louis, Priya, Prasanth, Louis, David, Daniel, out of the mouth of deaths, falls, accidents, uncureable diseases. Though there were lots of failures in life like my daughter got supplementary in 3 subjects I thank God that he brought my daughter out of this pain. She is awaiting for her supplementary results. I met with accident Lord brought me out of death as anything could happen at that moment. I thank God for enabling us to survive in our present Job. (i.e. me and my brother Jim). I thank Lord Jesus Christ for the shelter he provided for each one of us. I thank Jesus Christ for the daily food he gave us. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for the Beautiful dresses to cover ourselves. I also thank God for every hour and help of prayer support you have given to each one of us. God Bless Your Prayer Team for bearing with us.

kakutampy@yahoo.ie posted on 1/18/2012

I would like to thank God for continuing to bless me, my health, and finances. It is because of him that I am strong enough to continue on. I am confident that God will continue protect me, my health, my finances, my family, and my car from harm. This is my miracle month and I am confident that God will deliver.

praise report posted on 1/17/2012

Praise report - I asked for prayer th get a reasonable ticket to return to university and praise be to God it has worked out, and better than I expected! Thank you prayer warriors, God bless you all!

praise report posted on 1/13/2012

Been praying for relationship breakthrough or a word from the Lord. Went on vacation 2 weeks ago and met a pastor where I was visiting. On New Years' Eve I attended an outdoor service where the Pastor was preaching. He began to speak about healing over marriages, the power of God over negativity. He pulled me out of the crowd and began to pray with me and gave me a word that only God could have delivered about my specific situation with me and my fiance. I am still trying to figure out how he could have known what's up but it was from the divine so it's not for me to understand how it was delivered. I wanted to fall out right there! We had no conversations prior about anything personal with me. He counseled me and my strength was renewed in that although you may struggle with circumstances and wonder if God hears you, HE DOES and He will answer!

praise report posted on 1/11/2012

Today I had to report in hospital for the proposed knee-surgery. I┤m quite old and alone and live in a flat with many steps. GOD HELPED ME THAT I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO DECIDE AGAINST IT.AND I FELT IT WAS RIGHT. The doctor on duty said she would┤nt undergo it herself in my place! She gave me a prescription for a certain gym -training and more...
Dear brothers and sisters - I am so grateful for your prayers!God bless you and help you in your problems!

praise report posted on 1/9/2012

Thank you Jesus for Your mercy and grace and thank you to all prayers given for me. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen

praise report posted on 1/7/2012

Many thanks to Christ my King and to the people who have prayed for me. I posted a prayer request last night and was contacted this afternoon with a job offer. Thanks so much.

praise report posted on 1/6/2012

I asked for prayer for my workplace to call and find out how I was doing and one of my colleagues called, although it was a stressful conversation, I'm thankful that he made the effort to call

praise report posted on 1/3/2012

Oh Great God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there is none greater than you and I Praise your name in the name of your son Jesus Christ who sits gloriously at your right hand in Heaven. God has been so good to me. This past work week has been nothing short of a whirlwind. A senior manager on staff was retiring and the impending retiring celebration had to be a success. I was selected to be on the organising committee to ensure exactly that happened. Everything seemed to be going well. Decorators, caterers, bar tenders, presenters were franticly preparing for the big day. On the morning before the celebration I had visited the boardroom and was pleasantly surprised to find everything in place for the evenings events. However, on returning to the office I was informed that our live musical entertainment suddenly fell ill and had to cancel. What a mess! All attempts to find a replacement proved futile -being the last week before Christmas, everyone was booked. I knew there was only one place I could turn to for help and quickly found a quiet place in the office so seek the council of the Lord and he didn't fail to provide. As I finished my prayer, I almost immediately remembered there was a member of staff with a wonderful singing voice and after explaining the situation to him he agreed to fill in. Glory and praise to our holy saviour Jesus Christ! The evening went by smoothly and everyone was pleased with our singer. How Awesome is our mighty God! And so, I just want to lift up and exalt my most holy, most awesome and most excellent most high God in the name of his son Jesus Christ for his loving kindness towards me. He is the limitless source of my hope and strength. His wisdom, mercy and loving kindness towards me are beyond all comparison and no person or situation is greater than him. All Glory, honour and power is his. Hosanna in the Highest!

notes@htomil.com posted on 1/3/2012

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