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Monday, April 22, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6005987 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Oh Great God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there is none greater than you and I Praise your name in the name of your son Jesus Christ who sits gloriously at your right hand in Heaven. God has been so good to me. This past work week has been nothing short of a whirlwind. A senior manager on staff was retiring and the impending retiring celebration had to be a success. I was selected to be on the organising committee to ensure exactly that happened. Everything seemed to be going well. Decorators, caterers, bar tenders, presenters were franticly preparing for the big day. On the morning before the celebration I had visited the boardroom and was pleasantly surprised to find everything in place for the evenings events. However, on returning to the office I was informed that our live musical entertainment suddenly fell ill and had to cancel. What a mess! All attempts to find a replacement proved futile -being the last week before Christmas, everyone was booked. I knew there was only one place I could turn to for help and quickly found a quiet place in the office so seek the council of the Lord and he didn't fail to provide. As I finished my prayer, I almost immediately remembered there was a member of staff with a wonderful singing voice and after explaining the situation to him he agreed to fill in. Glory and praise to our holy saviour Jesus Christ! The evening went by smoothly and everyone was pleased with our singer. How Awesome is our mighty God! And so, I just want to lift up and exalt my most holy, most awesome and most excellent most high God in the name of his son Jesus Christ for his loving kindness towards me. He is the limitless source of my hope and strength. His wisdom, mercy and loving kindness towards me are beyond all comparison and no person or situation is greater than him. All Glory, honour and power is his. Hosanna in the Highest!

notes@htomil.com posted on 1/3/2012

praise the Lord for my 5 month old son's operation went so well, beyond all expectation. he's new shunt seems to be working well and he is developing more and more of a personality.

praise report posted on 12/25/2011

I had asked prayer that between now and 9 months from now when I move to Virginia that my best friend Lauren and I have more time to talk on the phone and web cam since she lives in Virginia and I live in TX so we could communicate and talk, spend time. Well since I asked for prayer she on her own has taken more initiative to talk to me via phone and web cam so I can see her. Praise God for this.

praise report posted on 12/21/2011

Thank you god for helping out my neighbor Joe who lost his job, wife and his home to alchol. Thank for answering my prayers for Joe find housing.! Thank prayer warriors for my neighbor Joe. He has long ways to go but he will make it because of god's grace and your prayers. I also want to thank you for praying for my little Brother he quit his new job and came back home. He receive his old job back and found a place to live in 2 months after coming back home to our home town. Keep doing the lords works! Once again, thank you god and prayer warriors!

praise report posted on 12/13/2011

Thank Your Father,Thank You Lord, Thank You Mother most Holy as well as all the Angels and Saints for Blessing my prayer requests for success at work. Praise the Lord!

praise report posted on 12/6/2011

I magnify our Most Excellent, Most High, Everlasting God; the only one who makes the moon reflect the sun, in the name of Jesus Christ his son, the only mediator between God and man for his great mercies. Last Sabbath, while worshiping at church, a heavy downpour of rain showered the hills near my home. It was only while on my way home that I became aware of how much destruction resulted from it. Land slides and flooding deposited rubble, silt and sludge from hillsides into the streets and highways. Vehicles and whole homes were washed away. I grew progressively anxious by every minute of my journey home wondering what my own neighbourhood would present in such an aftermath as cranes and tractors were busily at work clearing the roadways of debris. I prayed silently to our Heavenly Father for deliverance for my home and neighbourhood from all this devastation and he didn't disappoint. Upon reaching my neighbourhood, by the grace of our Holy Saviour Jesus Christ, I was overjoyed to find our little community was the only one untouched by all the destruction. Praise the Lord! His mercies are unsearchable and could never be recounted to him. Glory to the name of our Living God in Heaven! Through his holy son Jesus Christ who tirelessly intercedes on our behalf. Amen.

praise report posted on 12/5/2011

Thank you god.prise the lord.my son is safe.he done mearacle in his life.am full happy.thank u for Prayer la & who done prayer for my son. god alive for all.

gsunilkumar.mba@gmail.com posted on 12/3/2011

Praise the Lord! I got the job! Thank you Lord Jesus for opening the door for this incredible job! I feel like a kid, I'm so excited and grateful! And thank you with all my heart and soul!! God Bless everyone!!

praise report posted on 11/30/2011

Many thanks to you prayer warriors. Zach passed his entrance exams with 3 A's and C for language papers. Praise the Lord!

praise report posted on 11/28/2011

Thank you to all of you Prayer warriors that agreed with me in prayer for the loan to come through. It has bless my entire family. In Jesue Name thank you and be blessed.

heatht34@yahoo.com posted on 11/14/2011

I am so blessed. Our great God has been so wonderful to me and I exalt him and bless his name in the name of Jesus Christ, our living, risen Lord and saviour for his great and awesome mercy towards me. For the past three months I had struggled with pain, stiffness and swelling in my knee. Climbing stairs or even standing or sitting for 30 minutes or more became so torturous I could barely think straight. Aerobics was out of the question. Even my friends and colleagues reasoned that ageing maybe the cause and nothing short of surgery could help - which I was determined to avoid. A few trips to the doctor, x-rays and some anti-inflammatory drugs yielded no relief. I was then told by the doctor that nothing further could be done. As I left the doctor's office with neither a diagnosis nor relief, I realised that I had been seeking medical attention in all the wrong places. It was then I decided that I ought to have sought the divine healing of the Lord first. So after some prayer and anointing at church one Sabbath, I decided to quit the drugs and put all my faith in God and with miraculous results. Weeks later in a dream I was told of herbs I should eat -which I did- and within a week, all pain and stiffness was gone and the swelling greatly reduced! Hallelujah! Glory to God in the Highest! There is no want to those who serve him! And so I just want to give all praise to my great physician for coming to my rescue and redeeming me from a lifetime of suffering. I bless the Lord with all my soul, who forgives all our iniquities; heals all our diseases; redeems our lives from destruction, and crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercies, in the name of Jesus Christ his son, through whom all things are possible. Our Great Jehovah Rophe is excellent in all the earth! Amen!

praise report posted on 11/10/2011

Praise the Lord for all He has done for me.

praise report posted on 11/6/2011

Less than an hour after I asked for prayers for my fiance who had to go to the visa office, he e-mailed me saying the problem was taken care of. Thank you God and thank you to those who prayed for us!

praise report posted on 11/2/2011

Our God is so good! Praise God as he heard our prayers and shared His guidance with us. Our cheer team competed and as always we turned our heads and our hearts to Him asking for us to be able to do His will. What a fantastic experience. Thank you God for hearing us!

praise report posted on 10/31/2011

Praise my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST!Jan is coming home from the hospital today! She has MS and developed a serious infection. She was admitted to the hospital on Sunday. Thank you! Thank you prayer warriors for praying for Jan.

praise report posted on 10/28/2011

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