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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014434 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Thank u all for all the prayers I got my truck back but it is still not fix and I had to give this Guy my last 75 dollars, please pray that GOD would work a miracle we need financial help really bad at this time bills are due and I need this truck fix right so I can get to work, I'm a CNA And I do home care so I need my transportation I love my job and I know that this is what GOD wants me to do is take care of my elderly. But at this time I need someone to help me please I have four kids that I have to take care of. Please pray that GOD bless us now with money I believe that 700 Dollars would take car of everything. Thank u all

praise report posted on 10/12/2011

Great eternal and ever wise God you alone are worthy of all Glory and I praise you in the name of your son Jesus Christ for your unfailing faithfulness and mercy towards us. A couple weeks ago my brother was involved in an accident. His car was stationary in traffic when another vehicle hit him from behind. A report was immediately made to the nearest police station and statements from both parties were taken by the officer on duty. There was no visit to the scene of the collision but both my brother and the other driver agreed that the insurance would handle the costs arising out of the mishap and everything seemed to be resolved amicably. A week or so later however, the insurance company received a statement from the police claiming the exact opposite of the actual events. Furthermore, the person who had hit my brother's car claimed damages on the part of my brother causing an increase in my brother's premium. In shock and dismay he informed my parents and me and we immediately took the troubling situation to our Heavenly Father, a perfect witness of all that occurred, and begged for deliverance from this dishonest and corrupt judgment by the officer and the other driver with incredible results. Subsequent to the incident a new chief was installed at that particular police station who agreed to investigate the problem and set things right. Hallelujah! What a mighty God we serve! And so I give our Holy God all the Glory in the highest for intervening on my brother's behalf. I thank him and offer him all praise in the name of his son our loving saviour Jesus Christ for his great loving kindness. Oh great God you are exalted on high!

praise report posted on 10/11/2011


Aleone7@me.com posted on 10/5/2011

Praise God! The Iranian government denies it ever put Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani on death sentence. It has been revoked. He is a free man! :-) and alive. Praise God for His protection...

randomchatsmith@gmail.com posted on 10/5/2011

Dear Brothers,

please pray for my grand mother who is suffering from CANCER. She is not done salvation yet. it got affected some of the body part including lever. medical science canot to any thing over here they said max six month or one year. but i believe my JESUS can heal any sick his name is above all other names he is the living GOD. definitly my GOD will heal my grand mother.

Since i reuest you all please pray for my grand mother my faith she will get up from the bed and walk with the help of JESUS. i believe JESUS will do a big miracle into my grand mother!!!

in the name of jesus

Sandeep Mannil

sandeepmannil2006@gmail.com posted on 10/4/2011

Thank you for your prayers in my family. I was laid off from my job last month but received word today about the opportunity for part time work. Now, my bills can get paid! Praise God! God does answer prayers.

praise report posted on 10/1/2011

Thank you for your prayers for my family and me. My sons are improving in their behavior. The drinking and wild behaviors have improved as well. Thank you for your prayers and thank God from whom all blessing flow.

praise report posted on 9/30/2011

The place i work for is restructing. We all had to apply for jobs. I was not sure i would get a job.

I got a job offer today! Thanks for praying for me.

Thank you,God for helping me!!!

praise report posted on 9/30/2011

I would like to give Honor and Glory to God. I had asked for prayer for God's favor over my situation. I was supposed to be evicted today, and had no one to help me move my things. I got a phone call yesterday from one of my church members and she told me that there would be someone available to help me move today after I got off work. I had talked to my landlord and they advised me that there were no evictions scheduled for this week. God is Great. He also provided some money for me to get some food for my daughters, diapers and wipes for my baby and gas in my car. God is Awesome and worthy to be praised. God bless you all. Amen.

praise report posted on 9/27/2011

Praise God for this website and the Prayer warriors praying for each other, please God hear my prayer for deliverance and restoration and i praise you in Advance for victory by faith in Jesus name

praise report posted on 9/27/2011

Thank You Lord for success at work.
Praise Jesus!

praise report posted on 9/26/2011

I have been praying for a while and getting prayer, mainly from the guideposts prayer line but also from this one, about my CPA exams. I had passed one back in November and then failed two straight, basically having nine months of nothing but failure to show for it. I prayed and prayed that I would pass. The section in July that I took I was very worried about after taking it, thought for sure I failed. The one in August was a little easier but I still wasn't sure if I passed. Praise God I passed both and am now one exam away from finishing the CPA exam. It is only possible through prayers. I cannot stress how big of an answered prayer this is.

praise report posted on 9/26/2011

Thank you to all the intercessors who prayed since Thursday, 22 Sept, for my Investments Module exam that I took today. Praise God I passed!

praise report posted on 9/26/2011

Thanks, Dad, for healing the woman that you asked me to pray for. God healed her feet and knees.

praise report posted on 9/22/2011

Thank you, Jesus, for healing me of my chronic asthma! Thank you for your provision to get me to the university where you want me. I trust you.

praise report posted on 9/22/2011

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