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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014434 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Thankful to the Lord for keeping me from being in a car accident this morning.

praise report posted on 8/12/2011

Thank you for praying for good health for my husband. His health is improving very much.

praise report posted on 8/11/2011

Praise God for his mighty miracles its long through i ask the church to pray for my husband s sister to havea boy and the wonderful church warriors held her tothe lord he blessed her with the desire of giving birth to a boy thank u church for ur love & prayers i also thank god to day i wrote a request for my health as i was feeling giddy and praise god i feel better pls keep me in prayers also formy husband wasent getting any sale for the past 20 days lord brought in sale pls thank u jesus keep blessing us i want to thank the lord for helping to pay the electricity bill and ac bill a portion of it & knows well he will clear the whole amount for us thank u jesus i want to thank the lord for the cargo that beings my husbands products costs much less its only a miracle of which we see in it & beleive that god will raise this buissness of my husband and bring it large profits for us we were worried about the repairs of the car of how & where the amount would come and how would it be done, again i want tothank the miracle god of mine for he came through this request he blessed us with the amount & also with the good honest mechanici just want to give mt heart full of thanks to jesus for all the impossible tasks he performed miracles for us we love u jesus i also pray & thank the lord for getting me in contact with my nephew whom i used to miss so much , thank u thank thanku jesus , thank u church so much for sharing ur time to pray for all our requests may the god and mighty god i serve u as u bless others ,i want to thank god for the lenses he brought for me as i had a desire & even though it is broken it praise godfor bringing it to me oh i loved using them lord pls bring me new ones and teach me to wear them well & perfect thank u jesus for the old ones that got spoiled , i love u lord , i want to give my thanks agin for the computer typing which i had asked the lord to teach me today i type better & surely know he is my teacher will get me perfect & efficent to work in offices lord i ask u to teach me all of computer knowledge of working in an office make me so expert even i want to know how to type letters and documents lord pls teach me bing me someone who will explain and teach me throughly take away that nervousnes to work in an office make me active COURAGOUS AND SMART TO SPEAK FOR AN INTERVIEW AND TO WIN A GOOD JOB , I KNOW LORD ALL IS POSSIBLE IN U FATHER I PLACE ALL MY TRUST IN U ALONE . LOVE U JESUS FOR ALL UR FAVOURS IN OUR LIFE BLESS AND KEEP US IN UR CARE WE LOVE U LORD ALL PRAYERS PLACED IN THE MAIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN AMEN.

praise report posted on 8/11/2011

I have been praying that God would open doors and send me a mate. After many years of heartbreak I met someone whom I am hoping is the one! God answers prayers. Thank you all for praying!

praise report posted on 8/7/2011

The veternarian told me my dog has a herniated disc in the lower back region(cervical);I was saddened because he's always playful!In just three days he's showing miraculous signs of recovery! God(prayer/fasting);glucosamine;tramadol;prednisone;robaxin;a heating blanket/hot soaks in the bath tub;range of motion exercises twice daily(pepcid antacid tablet is als administered in case of an upset stomach due to medication)!My dog is walking all over the house and is able to stand on all four legs--for longer periods of time!Which wasn't conceivable three days ago!!!!We are scheduled too return to the vet on Tuesday 8/9/11!!God is awesome!!!!

praise report posted on 8/6/2011

I just wanted to say thank you to LA Prayer website for your priceless contribution to God's work here on earth. I have been using this site since 2003 and it has been a blessing to me and my family. We have had many answered prayers and although we can't afford any financial contribution to your work - we will always offer our prayers for God to uphold your work.

God bless you.

praise report posted on 8/4/2011

Thank you Lord for the love of my life. I spent the day with him today. I love him so much. I also want to say thank you for the help I have received for updating my resume. I know with your help I will be working in no time! Praise the Great Almighty Lord!

praise report posted on 8/1/2011

Thank you so much to those who prayed for my son to get the financial means to fix his car. Posted days ago and a friend loaned him the money. Your prayers really worked! Praise the Lord and always be thankful for all he does for us. Remember that he never abandons us. I will keep you in my prayers.

praise report posted on 7/29/2011

Praise the LORD Brother this is Mr Saibaba my father Mr Yellaiah is suffering from liver cancer some tumors are present in the body like back side of the chest and also he is suffering no digestion and motion not free problem . And one thing i want to tell u brother we believed in Christ last 13 years back but we are not taken the baptism every time we are thinking later we take and my father neglected the Christ last one year and he is seeing world side .But this time he seeing only Christ ,he believed only Jesus Christ and he praying with roaring tears . with in 1 Week we are going take baptism in the name Christ he is suffering from the liver cancer disses since last 3 months can u prayer for him and my family than q Brother and Sisters

praise report posted on 7/29/2011

I am praying and believing God for a financial blessing to pay bills, to get my driver license back before the end of the week and to buy a car for transportation, salvation of my husband, my children, and my family; and for healing in my body; also that me and my daughters get back in school

praise report posted on 7/26/2011

Praise the Lord! I ask the Lord to please open a door for me that I needed a job and he did! Thank you Lord! Thank you thank you! Blessings to all!

praise report posted on 7/25/2011

Jesus thank You! The storm has passed.

praise report posted on 7/22/2011

Praise the Lord! I heard from my boyfriend and he is ok. Thank you Lord Jesus!

praise report posted on 7/21/2011

I praise You, dear Lord God, for Who You Are and for Your love, mercies, and patience for us. Amen.

praise report posted on 7/21/2011


LADYMTHOMAS@YAHOO.COM posted on 7/20/2011

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