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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014434 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Hello, thank you for your prayers!! I had some dreams overnight!! I believe that they were dreams of victory. In one of them 2 men burst into my apartment violently and tried to harm me but I escaped miraculously. And, when I woke up, I was calm in my spirit. Indeed, we have a God that answers prayers!! God bless you.. Can you continue to agree with me in prayers until I receive my offer letter for my dream job! Thank you very much..

abdulateefamoo@yahoo.com posted on 11/6/2010

Praise Jesus for blessing the sales in my district in October! Randy

praise report posted on 11/5/2010

praise God for the test i passed at school yesterday please Lord restore all educational needs that were promised, release them from heaven and a divine protection on me Josie thank u Jesus Christ My life love saviour

God please in the name of Jesus answer the prayers immediately Lord for those who sacraficed a minute of their lives to pray for me when 2 or more agree it is done in jesus name

praise report posted on 11/3/2010

thank you God for answering our prayers for oscar to get a job after 2 years no work, lord you said loosen doubt and it is gone in jesus name

Lord he is on his first day back at work he got hired yesterday after we ceasing ing ly prayed on monday morning,
may he keep it and do it for your glory in jesus name protect him on the roof
Jesus you are sooo good God always keeps his promises, in Jesus name bless those who helped pray for him in abudance

praise report posted on 11/3/2010

Thank you so much for your prayers. After a trying time with our bank they decided NOT to foreclose on our house! Thank you, Mother Mary! Thank you for all who prayed for me and my family! Thank you so much. Now that we can take a breather, I'm asking Mother Mary to intercede for us and ask God to help us keep our home in order to raise our boys in a nice environment. I pray that God can send us a financial miracle from above so that we can get our family out of debt, and be able to pay our bills without having to worry so much! Please, God, help us have a little happiness in our life. Thank you so much.

praise report posted on 11/2/2010

Thank you for praying for me when I ws hurting and in need while I was at work God gave me 4 days off from work. I need the rest away form this place. Thank you so much.

praise report posted on 11/1/2010

yes Jesus I Praise you
in advance for employment thank you Jesus! thank you Jesus I love you Lord for you heard my cry i shall not want in Jesus name

God you restored me amen

praise report posted on 11/1/2010

Praise God for He listens to prayer. I had been praying due to a large financial burden and last night received a sum of money totally out of the blue! I still am praying for the remainder of the burden to be lifted, but wanted to thank Him and rejoice because through persistant prayer, He listens.

praise report posted on 10/31/2010

Praise God Sherry got her drivers license. Thank you all for your prayers. May God richly bless you all.

praise report posted on 10/31/2010

prays the lord he help me i ask for a prayer for my ex boyfrind could leave my apartment and he left i ask for i could get money to pay my rent and my cable bill it was answer i pray for my cousin to find a room to move in to and she got it i am so gratefull thanks god i love you.

praise report posted on 10/31/2010

Thanking God for his faithfulness - even though my life crumbed He gave the eyes and ability to stand in Him. God is all to all. Keep trusting God as he is always above the storm!

praise report posted on 10/31/2010

Thank You Jesus for making my heart whole adlnd complete and that I'm so happy. Bless You Jesus

praise report posted on 10/29/2010

Hallelujah!! Praise & Glory be to My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you all brethren for your prayers. My Fiancée and I are speaking again, he has forgiven me and is taking our relationship one day at a time. This can only be thanks to you all for your prayers and the lord for making it happen !!! Our Lord is Awesome

praise report posted on 10/27/2010

well after many months I am talking again with my daughter, praise Jesus and to you all I owe so much for your prayers. We are talking and many difficult days ahead but through prayer we will be able to make this work. May God bless each of you for your love and time and prayers. Thank You Vicky

fixture88@hotmail.com posted on 10/25/2010

Praise the Lord for continued restoration in my marriage. Praise the lord for renewing my mind and bringing me to have faith and trust in the Lord. Praise the Lord for ridding me of insecurities and trust issues in my marriage!

Mumstattoo@gmail.com posted on 10/24/2010

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