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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014433 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Praise God! My son, Ian's blood work all came back normal this time. Liver specialist thinks he is going to be just fine! Thank you soooo much for praying, and thank you to my Lord and Saviour for this and all he does! Amen!

praise report posted on 7/27/2010

Yesterday I requested prayer for my mom,Marian, who has Macular Degenerative disease. At the Opthomologist yesterday, she couldn't see any of the letters on the chart. After requesting prayer here, she went in today & was able to see most of the chart. I just want to praise God & thank everyone for their prayers...God is so good...thanks, KS

praise report posted on 7/27/2010

agreed wit me n prayer for my father and mother and other family and close friends to come to lord and get save and ashalee to call me
in jesus name amen
thanks bros and sis n christ
and i thank and praise him now for what he goin to do in my life

praise report posted on 7/21/2010

I asked for prayer that it would not rain on a day that it was supposed to, I had a family event on saturday.
Praise God it did not rain and the day was a success!

Thank You All!

egrc@optonline.net posted on 7/18/2010

Hello Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

I like to share praise report with all of you today. When my roommate Tony and I just shared the finances together to help my Christian boyfriend Varun Watson, I had enough money and he just loaned the small money to me last July 1. I sent the money to my boyfriend Varun. He got the money, so that he already paid the private hospital billing inside the hospital. His doctor released him to go home. Yes, his doctor let him to go free and he just got out of the hospital at the night last July 1. Yes, God was done for his life everything under His mighty hands!!! Yes, I like to thank everyone in their faithful and powerful prayer warriors for us in our situation. Praise God!!! Yes, He is so AWESOME AND ALMIGHTY!!! :-D

cindiesteeber2002@yahoo.com posted on 7/15/2010

PRAISE OUR LORD! Thank you God for making my HIV test come back negative. You have given me a second chance at life! Your love has blessed me like know other. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

praise report posted on 7/14/2010

I just thank God for all of my brother and sisters in christ I recently prayed that god would have the people who done me wrong tell me sorry and already one who deeply hurt me a year ago just call out the blue and said sorry oh I broke down in tears and more are still saying sorry thank god I also prayed that my cell phone which was lost and was gonna cost 500.00 i could not afford to pay for well last I open my bible and there it was in side my bible I know I didnt put it there it was the angles thank you jesus please continue to pray for me and I love you in jesus name amen.

diva262010@gmail.com posted on 7/14/2010

Thank you Lord and all those who prayed for my daughter (The 15 yr old Runaway), she came back the next day, and is now in a safe place.

I thank the Lord and the power of prayer amongst people with such faith! Amen!

caltrans68@yahoo.com posted on 7/13/2010


I HAVE A PRAISE REPORT cuz god has answered!

I lost alot of money exactly one week ago. All the money that i had and Even though i didnt get the money back, god open the windows of heaven and replenish the money i lost and more. Exactly one week to the day, god gave me more money from a source that i didnt expect but deserved. My son who is autistic is calmer also. He is being weaned off of medication that just made him worse.

Continue to keep us in your prayers.

Your Sister in Christ,


praise report posted on 7/9/2010

I love you God. Thank you for all the blessings that we have received and yet to receive. Thank you for answering all our prayers. We offer our life to you. Thank you for giving us a happy, healthy and blessed life here on earth. Thank you for keeping us safe always. Thank you for the love and peace. For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are Yours, forevermore.

praise report posted on 7/8/2010

Thank you God for the financial blessing that came in the form of his long delayed unemployment. I was so forlorn this morning with the water shut off and the gas too. I feel somewhat relieved but am also exhausted. Thank you God. Thank you.

praise report posted on 7/7/2010

The Lord jesus Christ have taken our burden away after prayer warriors earnestly prayed for my niece Pirbenica engtpi 5yrs,9months,doctors estimated 5 hrs operation for a gall blader cyst;we were all heartbroken because she's so young but Jesus heard our prayer,doctors who operated her took very less time & now she is playing again;at the same time,John hanse from orphan home was infected with japanese encephalities went into a coma for 6 days have woken up!How can we forget,what the Lord have done for us;so thanks for those who prayed for us,may the Lord remember your responses of praying & sharing love,the only thing we can carry to Heaven!

praise report posted on 7/7/2010

Thank you God for hearing and answering my prayer. You have made yourself present in my life, just as I prayed. Thank you Lord. I love you! NEVER GIVE UP, KEEPING praying about EVERYTHING!

fixfamily5@msn.com posted on 7/7/2010

my wife was so mean to me on friday saying that our marriage was basically over. I posted for prayer and was worried that she would just continue verbally attacking me on saturday after I got home from work,,, I prayed for strentgh as I got home and she was very calm mood and we actually were able to carry on casual conversation.. I thank God for this peace, everything has been so crazy and God gave me this moment of peace, I simply pray that God continue to work on her heart and promote healing and restoration for my marriage, so plse continue to pray for kim and I,,, Thank you Brother's and sister's

micar41@gmail.com posted on 7/4/2010

All Praises to God for answering our prayers. I thank those you prayed for my wife and i, May God Bless You. My pregnant wife went for routine test and she was told that she has virus in her blood and we asked God to cleans her blood from any infirmities and she went to another doctor and after blood test she was told that she is in perfect health condition. With God everything is possible and we can't thank Him enough. Please always remember us in prayers for God's Blessing and Protection through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

praise report posted on 7/3/2010

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