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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014433 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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I asked for prayer to attempt making amends with my ex. It finally happened! We decided to part ways for now, with him saying repeatedly "for now" Thank you and God bless....

praise report posted on 1/23/2010

Thank You God for the peace this morning!! Praise You! This morning was so horrible, I had 4 hrs of sleep, I had someone coming to my house for an appointment, I woke up to a huge mess that my kids said they'd clean but they didn't. I begged Lord please cancel the appointment because I don't feel good and I really don't want to do it this morning. Only minutes after I prayed the lady called an cancelled. My God thank You so much, it may sound like nothing but it's big to me and the Lord cares.

praise report posted on 1/22/2010

Asked for prayer for my friends missing dog to come home and a little while later the dog came home,Thanks to God!

praise report posted on 1/20/2010

Praise the Lord! please thank God for me, what he have done for me through all of my life. He is never like us, He never let me down. Thank you God for you love and forgiveness and for all the blessing you gave me! In Jesus name i pray, Amen!

praise report posted on 1/20/2010

Thank you for agreeing in prayer, last night I was so blessed. I spoke to my son for the first time in a few years. Praise be to my Lord and prayer partners.

praise report posted on 1/16/2010

I asked you all to pray for a young mother and baby who were without a home and God has provided one! Praise Him! Thanks so much! Please cont. to pray for her salvation.

whimsicalknitting@comcast.net posted on 1/15/2010

Thank you for praying! Kellie is out of the hospital! She still needs prayer for an undiagnosed problem with her heart. She felt the Lord's presence and knew that she was being lifted up in prayer. Thank you, body of Christ, for praying. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers. I truly believe that we received a miracle.

praise report posted on 1/15/2010

I asked God to remove the spirit of fear and to feel safe when i'm alone and he has done it.I recieved a prophesy on Sunday at Church that the Lord had set me free of all my hardships and that things are going to go well this year.I praise God for what he has done he realy is a strong tower.

praise report posted on 1/15/2010

Thank You God that I went in for my breast ultrasound and I am healthy. Glory Glory Glory to God in the highest.

praise report posted on 1/12/2010

Praise the Lord for He has done it. Last month I Posted a prayer request that the Lord removes all the barriers whether physical or spiritual that stood on my way in my application to Kenya Civil Aviation Authorities to be accepted to convert my military experience in Flying to Civil experience by being allowed to sit for Commercial Pilot's Licence Examinations by reference to my Kenya Armies Pilot's Flying Log Book. It had proved difficult after several requests to get accepted by the time of my prayer request But today they have allowed me to proceed and and book the Exams. I give God all THE GLORY.

praise report posted on 1/12/2010

Sir, Praise the Lord for answered prayers in my life, God did not put me to shame,disapointment,failure & disgrace concerning my pledge towards the church building last year. He has been doing it & I Know He will continue to do more us in the church because this year 2010 will be my year of better times for advancement in Jesus Name. Thanks & God bless. Bro. J.K.Ilori,Nigeria.

ilorijames7@gmail.com posted on 1/10/2010

Thank you for praying for my step-son, Sal. Things are going much better for him now.

praise report posted on 1/9/2010

Thankyou God.

I had requested for prayer for getting our vehicle from police station when y brother met with accident. Thank you lord for hearing our prayers and for helping us to get the vehicle releived from the police station without much problem.

Thank you.

praise report posted on 1/9/2010

I just wanted to say thank you to those who prayed for me. 2009 was a challenging year, but God has delivered me into 2010 with a better paying job, closer relationship with him, and a more solid Bible focused foundation. I Praise God for his deliverance. He may not come when you call him, but he answers at the right time. Hallelujah to our wonderful and amazing God. Brothers and sisters, do not lose hope. Hold on, and pray with expectancy. He will deliver you! He worked in my life in 2009 and I know he is going to in 2010 and always. Please don't be discouraged no matter what the situation is. Keep leaning on him, keep praying, and waiting on the Lord. God Bless! Feel free to write me if you need encouragement. Love your brother in Christ -Charles

onederyn2@yahoo.com posted on 1/7/2010

Praise God for helping pass my exams. I could not have do it if it were not for him.

praise report posted on 1/7/2010

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