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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014433 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Praise the Lord for His faithfulness helping me stand for my marriage! Last week a girl praised God for how I was demonstrating true love, and not being bitter or hateful. She is the same one who tried to get me to kick my husband out, saying that I was enabling him to sin, and telling me to read about tough love. Now she understands and commends my stand. Praise God. All of us standers can be a living testimony to a watching world and all praise goes to Him. (Pennsylvania)

praise report posted on 12/22/2009

Thank you Lord for what you done in my life and what you are still going to do. I love you God

praise report posted on 12/21/2009

Divorce hearing went well! No arguments....very simple

debby.dataservices@gmail.com posted on 12/18/2009

I prayed and requested for prayers that God would provide me with a better job. I got a call this evening for a job orientation this coming Thursday. Hope God would guide me if this is the job for me. Amen

praise report posted on 12/15/2009

Lord is a Just merciful GOG !!!! Wednedsday my husband got laid off after 23 years in the same work, His supervisor didn't agree with that, yestarday I posted my prayer, we accepted the situation, and ask GOD to find a job for my husband. Today my husband got a call, from his job and he is going to keep his job. Thank my Lord and tanks to all of prayed for us, god bless you all. Maria

maruqueeny@hotmail.com posted on 12/13/2009

God is good. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. My husband is more like himself lately. I have been strong and have resisted temptations that have been holding me down for so long. I feel as though God is blessing myself and family. My finances have greatly improved. Prayer works!!!!! It has been my only help and I want to give God the Glory. Thanks to all who have prayed. Remember that God is able

praise report posted on 12/9/2009

Our God reigns. My house was approved for short sale. I got the house from a lady that was going through chpt7 bankruptcy. What the devil meant for bad God turned it to my good

praise report posted on 12/7/2009

Thank you very much for your prayer support. Our students performed nice program in our school Parents Day. More and more people joined in that program. God heard our prayer. Praise the Lord. Glory to God.

praise report posted on 12/6/2009

thank you for praying for my mom-she went to the doctor and she never had a heart attack-she is just experiencing vertigo... thank you all!

praise report posted on 12/4/2009

I reached 2 potential clients who want more information about my business. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer

praise report posted on 12/4/2009

Thank you for helping me pray for my sister yesterday. God has moved mightly! She is getting her new house and moving in this weekend!

This is an awesome story!
Right now she is going through a divorce from her husband that is verbaly and physically abusive. She was staying at their home with their five children and she tryied moving in with my brother because of her husband stalking her. My brother was sick and her kids were tearing his house apart so he told her she couldn't live there.(Wait God had a plan!)
So she trusted God and moved back to her trailor house. The next day a mother skunk and her little ones got under the skirting of her trailor house and sprayed the house and everything got wrecked, kids clothes, furniture... everything. So she called me up crying so I decided to put her on here and pray for her. She sent her kids to school and they even sent them home yesterday because they stunk like skunk. God listened and answered our prayer for her! First the lady at school brought her to a place and got her and all her children new designer clothes paid for a motel for her and her kids, then the lady that is selling the house she was looking to buy called her as soon as she got home from picking the kids up from school asking if she wanted to move in and pay rent for now until she got the financing to buy the house. Then the lady from school contacted some else and told her they were going to pay for her first month's rent so she could get into the house she wanted to buy this weekend!

What a miracle! God used those little skunks that the devil meant to harm her and her children and turned it around for her good. Now that is the God we serve How awesome is He!

Thank you so much for praying for her New Home God Bless you all!

praise report posted on 12/4/2009

HALLELUJAH!!!!! The SECOND court decision I asked for prayer for God's FAVOR was granted in my favor! HALLELUJAH!!!! OUR GOD REIGNS!!!!!!!! Blessings to all that prayed for me. This was truly a miracle. My lawyer's secretary told me this today, which I already knew...but she gave me confirmation. I give God all the GLORY!

praise report posted on 12/3/2009

I praise the Lord I did get more child support then the $23 he sent for December. Thank you Lord for fighting my battles for me and my son. Priase God for the safe passage of Charles from Afghanistan home and allowing us to all be reunited. Praise God my mom is out of the hospital, praise God Rick and I are at peace. Praise God I'm still working. Thank you Jesus

praise report posted on 12/3/2009

PRAISE GOD for the decision that I received yesterday at 2:30pm! I am so grateful for the FAVOR OF GOD that was bestowed upon me. A decision that in worldly eyes never is handed down was given to me. THANK you for praying for me....and PRAISE GOD for HIS GOODNESS and LOVE! I give HIM all the glory!

praise report posted on 12/1/2009

thank u for your prayers i had a kidney infection and wasn't responding to medication thank jesus for his love and mercy i am now better and back to work God bless u all ans shower u with his love

praise report posted on 12/1/2009

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