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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014433 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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God is amazing! Thank you to all who prayed! The day after I sent this prayer request, my friend called me, and told me that she got a phone call saying her dad did not have stage 4 cancer they found out,but that it was now stage 2. ANd more so, it is treatable. She had gone from thinking he may have about two months to live, to being told this,which added 5-10 years,which may not even include the treatment. God is amazing!! Thank you all again so much for praying,. Indeed,God does answer prayer.. :)

praise report posted on 5/17/2013

I'd like to thank and praise God for his Graciousness. I have a volume button that always falls off the speaker. As small as it is God always makes sure that the button is found and returned. Praise God. Now all of a sudden that little button has stuck itself in the slut and has stopped falling out for some time now. I know its God. I couldn't do anything to solve this problem but God did! Praise God for His Graciousness and Consideration. Bless His Holy Name! Hallelujah!

seeingbeyondthetrees@yahoo.com posted on 5/15/2013

God bless everyone for praying for our family, because I submitted a prayer request here, asking everyone to please pray for my family, and believe God with me, for their salvation. One of my sisters who battled with unforgiveness, and sexual sins. Well, she didn't bring up certain subjects, and she acted very humbled, and even asked for my help with her tooth! With God's strenght, I know we can do all things, so Im going to help her. But, keep praying that she just keep her hands off my husband too, because she didn't have to touch him when we were taking pictures, because "I WANT TO STAY SAVED! I felt like she was spear throwing at me, because her marriage ended in divorce, from fidelity! Please keep praying for our mom, who never say's a thing, when she see's, or hear wrong doings coming at me with the sisters, and for God to PLEASE SAVE HER, AND DELIVER HER FROM DEEP CURSINGS/GENERATIONAL CURSES PLEASE!!! And pray my dad get's his deliverances from alcohol, and cigeretts, and stop cursing out his younger daughter, and her kids, and that God will save him also, and heal him from diabetes, because the saddest thing is that both parents know the Lord! Thanks, God bless.

praise report posted on 5/13/2013

I thank and praise God for sustaining me. I thank and praise God for healing me. I thank and praise God for providing for me. I thank and praise God for His blessings upon me. I thank and praise God because He promises that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I praise and thank God that He is a healer, protector and deliverer and I can trust in Him. I praise and thank God that he will give me perfect peace! Praise God!

bandstuffgat@yahoo.com posted on 5/13/2013

Thank you God my mother was rushed to the hospital last week. She has cancer so we feared the worst. It turned out to be just food poisoning. Thank you father for healing her and for the wonderful Doctors and staff who took care of her.

praise report posted on 5/13/2013

My husband thinks he is going through nicotine withdrawal but found a piece of nicotine gum to calm him down tonight. And he finally came to bed to cuddle. Thanks Lord for calming him down and bringing him to bed to rest. He came to bed right after my prayer request.

praise report posted on 5/11/2013

Praise God with me saints! He not only restored several problems with my house, but he also restored my gas saving auto, but he is also restoring my joy, and keeps on blessing me, all the more, because I'm keeping my eyes on him. Thank you Jesus, for your favor and devine Love!!!! :)

praise report posted on 5/10/2013

I praise God because He has never left me through dark times and He always makes a way for me. He is very Gracious And Considerate. Praise God!

seeingbeyondthetrees@yahoo.com posted on 5/9/2013

Today I asked for prayer that my husband will be included in the trip tomorrow and he was asked to join. Thank you for your prayers

praise report posted on 5/8/2013

Thank You Lord!! Thanks to all on this page who and continue to pray on my many prayer request. I went back for my check up after doctor thought to have seen a mass near my throat. Well, today the said to have seen nothing and all is clear on my throat and ear. What an awesome God we serve! God Bless you all!!!!

praise report posted on 5/8/2013

God is soO GOOD! Nicky came together with her mom, and family, and God just simply touched their hearts, and begun the healing process in their lives!!! I truly thank God for not letting the enemy win in this precious, and anointed family! Thank you Jesus!!! And may the Lord continue to do a miracle in you, and your family too! God bless you all.

marioinfo@mail.com posted on 5/6/2013

Praise God for a marriage restored.Put God first in you life and focus on Him,and He with His loving grace will raise you up above your problems to face them.In all things give praise and thanks giving and God will provide.

frankxj96@gmail.com posted on 5/4/2013

Praise God That The Doctor's Records Say Mom Is In Good Health At An Elderly Age. Praise God That I Have Almost Severly Hurt My Self While Working But God Protected Me Each Time. Praise God That As I Repented And Obey Him My Life Greatly Improves Each Day. Praise God That We Serve A God Who Loves Us And Helps Us Have Better Lives In His Will. Praise God Because He Makes Ways Where There Are No Ways. Praise God Because He Will Never Leave Nor Forsake Those Who Obey Him. Praise God!

seeingbeyondthetrees@yahoo.com posted on 5/4/2013

I praise God because I had multiple things to do and was rushing. I had to finish my Bible ministry and be at a meeting by 2PM. As I was rushing my return check came and I didnt even bother with it. God Comes First! I Praise God because He is so Faithful. When I finally got done with my Bible Ministry Praise God someone had brought me lunch which included green beans. Healthy Eating for free! God's Favor Is So Awesome. Then I was rushing cleaning the dishes and the steak knife cut into my flesh. I immediately Prayed To Jesus And He Healed Me. I used Peroxide That I Blessed In Jesus' Name And Then I Put On Holy Oil. No Pain And No Scar. Praise Jesus. It was raining with heavy traffic and low visibility. I took a wrong turn. Praise God I still got to the meeting on time and all went well. When I finally got to put that check in the bank there was no waiting line. Praise God! The teller was just standing there waiting to process my transaction. All went well again! I praise God for His Favor, Love And Grace. Praise God!

gat.cole@yahoo.com posted on 4/30/2013

I praise God! I'm a Diabetic. Many years ago I nearly broke my toe. When my Diabetics worsened I would begin to feel the former pain. Today I stubbed the same toe. I immediately poured Holy oil on it and began claiming healing in Jesus' Name. Praise God, the pain left and all looks and feels well. Praise Jesus! God has also provided affordable over the counted remedies for many of my old age woes. I thank God for blessing me with the things I need. Now that I'm saved and born again I look back in my life to how God has always provided for me and protected me. I know I would be dead, incarcerated or crazy if it wasn't for God's protective Presence. I praise and thank God for His love and blessings on me and my family. Praise God!

seeingbeyondthetrees@yahoo.com posted on 4/26/2013

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