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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014433 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Last week I asked you all to pray for me by God's grace and mercy I got my driving license, and I have gone ahead in booking for a new car.
God is good all the time
Praise the Lord
Jesus is lord of Lords

praise report posted on 7/30/2009

the lord move on my brother to pay my electric bill and my cable, internet, phone for 1 month and im trusting the lord to give me a job so i can pay these bills next month! and catch me up with my car payment and the rest of my bills and lift me out of poverty.

Thank you for your prayers and keep praying for my precious son, and he is autistic and very distressed about being away from home and me and in state custody. He has been neglected and abused while there. Pray that the lord will give him peace and return him back home.

May god bless you!

praise report posted on 7/29/2009

Thank you Lord God in advance for what you are about to do for me, and where you are about to take me in life. I dont understand all but i know you have a plan and youve already worked it out. Thank you God Bless your name Hallelujah! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

praise report posted on 7/29/2009

Thank God for Jesus!! Amen, Halleluah glory be to God. The Lord is good!

praise report posted on 7/26/2009

I asked for prayer for a freind called Susan Child. She is an authoress. Her condition was very grave. She has had a cancerous brain tumour for some time. She had lost the use of one hand and bought a special typing machine. She collapsed at home and went unconscious and lost the full use of her left arm it was like a dead weigtt. She asked for prayer. Later she had laser surgery and now has full use of l hand and arm. i believe it is a miracle Thank you and thank you Gd

praise report posted on 7/26/2009

i got a car today thank you all for praying for me god is good God Bless you all

brotherlangford@gmail.com posted on 7/24/2009

i thank you heavenly Father for healing all my illnesses and for removing all the pains from my body. thank you Father in Jesus' name, amen.

praise report posted on 7/22/2009

I am so happy to see your msg ...it is so wonderful that we have lots and lots of people who care, love and appreciate us. I am so glad today bcoz the Lord almighty has answered your prayers and I thank you all for praying for me. Today I have passed the driving test and here I am with the driving license.

Thank you so much conitinue to pray for me and my family. I have a son and he needs to go to school I stay in a remote place where I have travel 58 km to my office and back home so I need a car to travel so kindly pray so that my son goes to school and my wife gets a job in the same school as a teacher so that together we can cope up with the cost of living in Abu Dhabi.

Take care and God bless you all


earrel@gmail.com posted on 7/22/2009

I found the papers! Thank you for the prayers! God is good!

praise report posted on 7/21/2009

Thank You Jesus for answering prayers,God is good all the time and he knows what is best for you , .thank you for your prayers in jesus name .I always trust in your prayers and have faith .thank you for your time and pray for Micheal . Micheal felt the lord in the court room today. Oh what love he felt.thank you jesus

jodyd1946@aol.com posted on 7/20/2009

Asked for prayer for my 6 yr old grandson who needed emergency surgery. He is home and doing well. Yes, the doctor said might as well send him home. God is so good , he began the healing before the surgery because they did not find what they said was there from the MRI. God is so good. I give him all the Glory. Thank you all for coming together as the body of Christ and praying. May God bless you all.

praise report posted on 7/19/2009

thank you Father for healing kian boy of his fever and coughs. thank you Father, in the name of son Jesus, amen.

praise report posted on 7/18/2009

Thank You Jesus for answering prayers,God is good all the time and he knows what is best for us ,we find the place .thank you for your prayers in jesus name .I always trust in your prayers and have faith .thank you for your time and pray for our new house to be a blessing house ,a house that brings happiness,joy and peace .a house that makes us to prosper and feel secured under our roof ,keep praying for good things and better home for our unborn baby.Ask God to give us wisdom in his name .

praise report posted on 7/17/2009

I give praise and thanks to God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Divine Substance, My Personal Holy Angel of Prosperity, and all positive forces that blessed me with the miracles and the money I needed to get my cat out of the animal hospital and pay the bill in full ! Amen.

praise report posted on 7/16/2009

yesterday i submitted a prayer request that God changes the heart of the person who had rejected my internship application. today at 2.09 i received an email from them requesting me to send my C.V again for reconsideration for an interview. Thank you for all your prayers and continue praying with me that i get the internship. Thanks be to God, he continues to be faithful to me and supplies my every need. his name should be praised.

praise report posted on 7/14/2009

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