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We started this Prayer Ministry in 1999 (Prayer Warriors have offered 5978586 Prayers of Intercession Here). We've always sown our last into keeping it going. Now we could use a little help.
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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Sunday, May 20, 2018
Prayer Warriors have offered 5978586 Prayers of Intercession Here.

Praise Reports and Answered Prayers


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This a praise report join me in giving God his glory. I lost my job in Feb, 2009 , my unemployment was denied. The people I worked were being used by the enemy. But THE GOD THAT WE SERVE IS BIGGER THAN ANY demon. God said the battle is not yours it is his. Our job is to rest in him, seek his spirit,because it is not by strength or mite but by Gods spirit. God is provision he has given me my rent,food,leisure money every need I have God has provided. God is a redeemer I was able to have my name restored from the lie that enemy tried defame me with. God has also been the Judge and lawyer I will be paid back the money I lost. But the best part of the miracle is that to those ones that heard me say "God is my source not the job', "God is my provider" . These things will come and go. GOD is FOREVER! GOD will show that he is the judge nobody else has that right. As long as I try my best to please him even though its grace not works. For the ones the enemy said to 'look at her she is fired where is her GOD now"? They get to see GOD is the true and LIVING GOD , they get to see GOD back up his WORD.They get to see how much he loves us- his children. They get to see GOD is real! GOD is so AWESOME he is no respecter of persons he will do the same for all of his children. Please keep the faith, he wiil send ministering angels to us , just like he did for our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS !CALL UPON HIM.Hallelujah! LORD OF LORD ! HOST OF ALL HOST! WE PRAISE YOU FATHER!

batialior@ymail.com posted on 5/21/2009

We prayed that 3 year old Briant Rodriguez who was kidnapped at gunpoint 13 days ago from his Riverside home would be found alive and unharmed .He was found alive in Mexico and reunited with his mother today.Praise the Lord for this miracle.

prayer request posted on 5/16/2009

Thank you so much for praying for us; the Lord heard your prayers after almost one year, HE HAS GRANTED US THE REFINANCE ON OUR HOME, THE INTEREST RATE WAS LOWERED DRASTICALLY. We praise the Lord for His miracles of love to us, we thank Him for you who were so faithful to pray for us. We bless you for being so awesome to pray for us.

prayer request posted on 5/14/2009

Dear Brother,
Marriage ayii 15 years avutundi. still Iam childless. Please pray. My husband is in wrong relationships with other bad ladies, and also drinker. Please pray . MY HUSBAND NAME IS PRATAP KUMAR. We want children, and peaceful family life, and change of my husbands life. thank u please pray for us.

rajyamneela@gmail.com posted on 5/13/2009

I passed all my nursing tests. Whoever prayed for me---thank you so much!!!!!!!

prayer request posted on 5/12/2009

Thank you for blessing us

prayer request posted on 5/8/2009

I asked for prayer regarding this news report and God gave a miracle. ST. LOUIS (AP) Ś Authorities say a 3-year-old boy has been found alive two days after he wandered away from his rural Missouri home.

cecilia_corvalan@yahoo.com posted on 5/6/2009

PRAISE GOD! Thank you all for your prayers for my daughter. God saw her thru her $ crisis when she had to have a root canal. He is seeing her thru her abdominal problems (this is ongoing, but He is working!). He is working in her life and in turn, others are seeing Jesus in her! God Bless you all!

prayer request posted on 5/6/2009

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness
and Many thanks for your prayers
the Lord answered and helped us to sell our house for a good price
He also gave us guidance for our future direction and ministry!
He is Alive and answers prayer

prayer request posted on 5/4/2009

I praise and thank God for repairing, healing, and restoring the good relationship that Gaby and I share together,amen !

prayer request posted on 5/4/2009

I want to give God praise for protecting my family and I on our trip to New York. Thanks to all who prayed.

prayer request posted on 9/2/2008

Thank you all for your prayers, I asked for prayer for a vacuum cleaner and today I found one very cheap, but efficient, it is awesome. God is a good God, we need to just press in and not doubt Him, I love Him with all my heart. Thank you.

tam.v@bigpond.com.au posted on 9/2/2008

Thank you for your prayers. My husband went to the ER today. He got the medicine and help that he needed. I am greatful for your online service. You were here when I needed you most. In less than 24 hours, God answered my plea. God bless the Prayer Warriors who intercede on our behalf.

prayer request posted on 9/1/2008

I just want to praise God for all answered prayers, He is a Mighty God and we have the victory in His name. I have been having at least 2 alcoholic drinks twice a week, today I really felt tempted to, well, thanks to God and these prayers I managed to not give in - Praise His Name.

tam.v@bigpond.com.au posted on 9/1/2008

I want to praise the Lord, for what He has done for me and my family and that He blessed us in so many ways, even when we don't realise His work. I want to thank the lord and praise Him that He answered my prayer for money for my child's school camp and for being with us, even if we have doubts in our hearts. I know that He will come through for us and that He will answer all our prayers in Jesus Name. Please keep on praying for me, the Lord is good always. Praise God. Amen

prayer request posted on 9/1/2008

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