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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014433 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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EXTRAORDINARY AND SUPER EXTRA GREAT NEWS! I finally got the job and am hired at the burger restaurant! Hallelujah! God answered our prayers! I want to thank each and one of you for standing with me in prayer and agreement all this time for this job. I will for sure keep my promises to God. Hallelujah! God bless each and one of you abundantly and exceedingly! The power of two or more is greatfully powerful! love you all and may God and his angels cover and protect each one of you! Remember this: God answers us with either a yes, no, or wait: and God still hears.

praise report posted on 6/16/2009

Praise the Lord. I want to thank God for his mighty power he gave a job to my brother who was not having any one to support him. Thank you father, thank you jesus you have prove it to me that you can make a nobody to become somebody. Thank you father.

Suzen@kornelius.com posted on 6/14/2009

God Bless you all and let us all thank Jesus. I prayed for a resolution of a work issue and for better relations with my coworkers and the Lord moved.
I am going to continue to pray for you all and try hard, through Jesus, to end my worldliness. God is good and worthy, even if there are no extra blessings.

praise report posted on 6/10/2009

I want to thank God for this site, every time that i enter my request to this site my heart is always at peace glory be to God for the anointhing over this site.

Suzen@kornelius.com posted on 6/10/2009

Praise god! Thanks to all who have prayed for my interview 30 minutes ago. It was successful and had a great time speaking with the manager at the burger place. However, I will be going through a second interview and am asking for favor, victory, and protection that this other manager at this burger restauratn will contact me as soon as possible and successful interview me. Thank you.

praise report posted on 6/4/2009

OMG! Two answered prayers! Hallelujah! One, I passed my classes even the hard core class with a C grade and I've had a wonderful and successful session with my dermatologist. yay! This is all from the Lord. Thank you God! Thank you to all who have stood by my side and prayed with me. Muah. This prayer site is very powerful, most especially the power of two or more. Jesus is the same yesterday and today, and it's true he answers us with three answers: yes, no, or wait! Praise his holy name. Woot woot! Keep praying my siblings. Love you all.

praise report posted on 6/1/2009

Praise Jesus and thank you for praying. I requested prayer for contracts to come into our business just about a week ago and we just bid and won the bid on a job with a school. This is just the beginning I'm sure. For we serve a God who is more than enough!

praise report posted on 5/30/2009

Thankyou for your prayers. Shiela and Walter who had problems selling their house,it was sold today 27/05/2009.

Praise God.

praise report posted on 5/28/2009

Dear Prayer Warriers,

I want to thank each and every one that prayed for my father, Willie Peterson. On last month, he had surgery and he wasn't responding to any medication, could not walk or feed hisself and the situation looked hopeless, but after you prayed, God sent a miracle. Mr. Willie is now progressively walking with a walker and he is doing better every day. Thank you so much for your prayers and God bless every one that prayed. Thank you.

love4will@weblnk.net posted on 5/25/2009

I have been comng to this website over 3 years and I know I entered over 5 prayer request. Court proceedings twice, (we won), (career job) Yes God Blessed, financial blessing, (God Did that as well). I know God hears the prayers of the righteous because everytime I came to this site and everyone prayed for my situation and i prayed for theres as well. God made a way and opened up that door(God answered every prayer request) Thank your for this wonderful site, Its a blessing to us all. Thank You Lord, Jesus for past present and future.

praise report posted on 5/25/2009

Wow! Prayers here are so powerful! I posted request yesterday - I've had a sunburned, darkening on my skin, rosacea flaired because of reaction in my phototherapy treatment yesterday. Normally, I burned and rosacea flair up to a week or more. But everything is ok thanks to all your prayers.

praise report posted on 5/23/2009

Praise God and to him be all the glory.!!!

I have prayed for Tom and I for 8+ months. I've prayed for restoration of communication and for our relationship to be restored and to flourish into that of marriage one day. I have prayed for Tom, his children, his family and their healing and salvation. There were many 2 steps forward, 1 step back episodes. Tom's faith is not as strong as mine. I was beginning to lose hope.....but I reached out and stayed thru all of you .... I know ALL things are possible with God! In these past 2 weeks there have been many turning points, this time Tom has chosen to follow the Lord's voice. He has reached out to many he had closed himself off from, especially me. His meds seem to be working better too. The scare of pancreatic cancer seems to be aside for now and so is the threat if leukemia. His type 2 diabetes is level too. He speaks now of life and a future. There is miles to go before restoration, but he has kept his word to me and has called me the last 3 days now. My prayers remain the same, holding on to God's promises and his love. I would have not been able to achieve this for Tom or I alone. It is "where two or more agree and are joined". I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fellowship and Godly love!!! I ask for your continued prayers.
If you have a prayer need, please let me know I would be honored to pray for you too.

Thank you

klmeehan@aol.com posted on 5/22/2009

God Bless you for your prayers! Sarah did very well at her interview! Thank you so much for praying to OUR LORD for her! Please continue praying! THANK YOU, again! Sarah's Mom

praise report posted on 5/22/2009

This a praise report join me in giving God his glory. I lost my job in Feb, 2009 , my unemployment was denied. The people I worked were being used by the enemy. But THE GOD THAT WE SERVE IS BIGGER THAN ANY demon. God said the battle is not yours it is his. Our job is to rest in him, seek his spirit,because it is not by strength or mite but by Gods spirit. God is provision he has given me my rent,food,leisure money every need I have God has provided. God is a redeemer I was able to have my name restored from the lie that enemy tried defame me with. God has also been the Judge and lawyer I will be paid back the money I lost. But the best part of the miracle is that to those ones that heard me say "God is my source not the job', "God is my provider" . These things will come and go. GOD is FOREVER! GOD will show that he is the judge nobody else has that right. As long as I try my best to please him even though its grace not works. For the ones the enemy said to 'look at her she is fired where is her GOD now"? They get to see GOD is the true and LIVING GOD , they get to see GOD back up his WORD.They get to see how much he loves us- his children. They get to see GOD is real! GOD is so AWESOME he is no respecter of persons he will do the same for all of his children. Please keep the faith, he wiil send ministering angels to us , just like he did for our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS !CALL UPON HIM.Hallelujah! LORD OF LORD ! HOST OF ALL HOST! WE PRAISE YOU FATHER!

batialior@ymail.com posted on 5/21/2009

We prayed that 3 year old Briant Rodriguez who was kidnapped at gunpoint 13 days ago from his Riverside home would be found alive and unharmed .He was found alive in Mexico and reunited with his mother today.Praise the Lord for this miracle.

praise report posted on 5/16/2009

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