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Monday, June 17, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6009931 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Praise Reports Page
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I would just like to PRAISE GOD that things are as well as they are. I thank GOD I am not living in a nursing home. I thank GOD that I am able to work and suport myself. I thank GOD that even though everything is not like I want it to be in my life that things are as well as they are because they could be so much worse. I thank GOD for JESUS. HALLELUJAH! I thank GOD for protecting me & keeping me out of the hand of the enemy. I thank GOD for my life, health & strength. I thank GOD for my family & friends. I thank GOD for a good night's rest last night. I thank GOD for keeping me day by day. I thank GOD for everything. I know He loves and protects me. I thank GOD for keeping me safe as I travel the dangerous highways.
I thank GOD I am in my right mind and am able to take care of myself. I thank GOD, I thank GOD , I thank GOD!!!!!

praise report posted on 6/23/2008

I thank you Holy Father for answering part of my prayer according to Your Will. I thank you for all that you do in my life and for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have no doubt Father that you will answer the rest of my prayer in Your time and according to Your Will. Thank you Father for working in my life. In and thorough Jesus Holy name, I praise You, thank you for loving me and all the brother and sisters in Christ.

praise report posted on 6/22/2008

Thank you Jesus, and all of you that prayed in faith for Jonathan to be set free of anxiety and vomiting so that he could get on the bus to get home and survive the 20 hour bus trip....He is going to make it...Bless the Doctor that took him under his wing and helped him

praise report posted on 6/21/2008

I asked for prayer yesterday for my friend Ray Davis who has cpod and was having a bad day all day because he could not hardly breathe and I talked to him that night and he was much better. He said something definately happened to make him feel better. How good God is! Thanks to all of you who prayed. I let Ray know many had prayed. Mathew 18:19 Blessed Jesus!

praise report posted on 6/20/2008

Praise the Lord! My husband was awarded his disability. Thanks for all your prayers. God is so good! We thank Him for all His love and kindness!

praise report posted on 6/19/2008

Thank the Lord for relieving my back ailment.

praise report posted on 6/19/2008

Praise God! He is so good! I give praise and I thank God in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior! He heard me in my time of trouble and rescued me. I am not deserving of His blessings, but He is good and faithful. May the name of the LORD be praised forever! In the name of Jesus, the Lord has answered my prayers. The name of the Lord is glorified! I thank you, Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of Jesus!

praise report posted on 6/18/2008

I put a prayer request in this site for the growth opf our business Green Line enterprises and Many prayed for me. God heard the prayers and we got an enquiry from a reputed customer yesterday.
Thank you Father Thank you Jesus Glory Jesus Praise the Lord in the highest, halleluyah, halleluyah.. Thank you Father,Thank you Jesus.

gt_7@rediffmail.com posted on 6/18/2008

Praise the lord.I posted prayer for my sister's selection in Kaiser,I still can't believe it,she got selected in kaiser.Hope God will always keep her career safe.Thanks loving father,I showed faith in you and got rewarded for that.Praise the lord.

praise report posted on 6/16/2008

Thank you for those who prayed for my job situation this morning. I received a call this afternoon for an interview. Your prayers are working.

praise report posted on 6/16/2008

Thanks and Praise to GOd for the financial blessing I received last night!

praise report posted on 6/16/2008

God is good!!!!!! My son had been acting out. Just trying to hang around with the wrong people that did not mean him no good but, I have seen a big change in him for the better. He is not where he should be but he is not where he was and I thank God and all you that help me pray him through.

praise report posted on 6/14/2008

Praise God! He is SO good and SO faithful. I was laid off last fall from my first post-graduation job up in NYC. In the following eight months, I had only one real interview. I began to pray and submit prayer requests. I began to fast, sow seeds of financial faith, and learn to serve my neighbor. I began to learn that gratitude is a condition of the heart and that I had SO much to be thankful for. I recommitted my life to Christ. The first night I prayed in thanksgiving, not asking for anything. I just thanked God for his faithfulness to me. Then, BAM. It happened. I had five job interviews in ONE week (all up in NYC!). I have NEVER seen anything like it. It was ALL GOD. Because God doesn't care about recessions. He is ALL powerful! May his holy name be praised forever! Praise God!

jonjin@comcast.net posted on 6/14/2008

Thank you Lord for healing my body completely. Your word is true. The devil is defeated!

praise report posted on 6/13/2008

Thank you Father for healing my little boy Jack so quickly last night and for giving me peace in the midst of fear and confusion.

praise report posted on 6/13/2008

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