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Monday, April 22, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6005982 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Just wanted to let you know a miracle happened on June 3! The Canatrek expedition team climbing Mt. Logan was hit hard with unbelievably cold weather - 34.5 below Celsius with winds up to 100 mph for over four days in a row at 18,000 feet. They were caught between camp 5 and the summit not being able to go forward or back. On June 2 James sent out a message by satellite phone that they needed prayers as they were in survival mode! I put out a prayer request to the prayer warriors the same day and started receiving word that people were praying for the climbers. The following morning the weather cleared unexpectedly and James and Len realized this was their opportunity to go for the summit! After 6 hours of hard climbing they summited Mt. Logan, the highest point in Canada and by satellite phone at 10 pm. called in excitedly announcing they were successful! The team is currently waiting to get flown from base camp this afternoon! Check out their photos and story at www.summitsofcanada.com. I know this miracle was because of all your intercessory prayers! Students across the country have been following the climb for the last 5 weeks and are thrilled with the team's safety and success since the team had to abandon their climb last year after getting to Camp III and being turned back by the weather! I volunteer in palliative care and several of the folks there keep asking how the expedition is going! They relate...every day they are climbing their own mountains! Your intercessory prayers were were amazing...I'll always be filled with gratitude for your prayers for their safe return! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Linda

lcoltura@telus.net posted on 6/9/2008


praise report posted on 6/8/2008

Praise God for my son Jared passed in his commerce exams. It is truly a mircale as he was ill for one of the papers. All glory to God for HIs hand of favour.

praise report posted on 6/5/2008

praise report ..desirae passed the lpn entrance exam and was accepted into the program classes start sept 8 , 2008 thank you all

praise report posted on 6/5/2008

i praise You God because i know that You are answering our prayers and providing solutions even before we see them with our physical eyes.Thank You LORD for Your compassion on all the needy.Thank You for hearing our prayers and that You are no respecter of man.

praise report posted on 6/5/2008

I had asked for prayer for a brother in Christ his name is Chris. He was very sick and loseing his kidney but the dr's could not figure it out, he was in a coma for three weeks. He is now out of that and in rehab to get his muscles working good again. Even the Dr's say it was a miracle because they never found what was causing this problem. Thank you all for your prayers. Praise the name of Jesus and all His prayer warriors.

auntmareee1@sbcglobal.net posted on 6/5/2008

As always God you have come through. I asked for a miracle and got it. You always keep your promise. And thank you prayer warriors. I asked for a financial miracle and it happened, only through the power of God and your prayers could this have happened. Thank you Lord and prayer warriors. He is mighty.

kredwine61@yahoo.com posted on 6/3/2008

My 3.5 years old daughter had her heart surgery this past Wednesday. The surgery went well and she is slowly recovering. Thank you so much prayer warriors for all the prayers. They were greatly appreciated! :-)

praise report posted on 6/3/2008

Praise the Lord for protecting my children and I from a fire that broke out in the apartment below us last night. Also thank you for praying that there would be no consequences from my husband's silly action. There were none. Praise the Lord. Amen. Thank You Lord. Sofie

praise report posted on 6/2/2008

Truely all things are possible with God, praise be to Jesus Christ! I wrote to you requesting for prayers so that i could get a well-paying IT job and indeed it came to happen!I have never been a manager before, and i've very little experience but i am now the Project IT Maintenance Manager of a big firm! Believe in Him He won't disappoint you.

praise report posted on 5/29/2008

Thank you all who prayed for my mom to get a new job with WIC in Nevada. She got the job and will be away from an abusive co worker and get a raise in pay. God is good.

praise report posted on 5/28/2008

I praise our Father in heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ for all their abundant grace and mercies toward me. I praise Christ for the salvation he guarantees me and for the richness he pours out daily. Without him, life isn't worth living. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

praise report posted on 5/28/2008

I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, the entire left side of my heart was dead. My cardiologists stabilized me and sent me to Tampa General Hospital for a heart transplant, my ejection fraction ( the % of blood that the heart pumps out with each beat) was only 15%. A normal heart is 65-75%. Beacuse my lungs were in such good shape, I did not qualify for an immediate transplant. My organs wre still getting enough oxygen. A couple of months later, a pacemaker company had developed a pacemaker with an extra lead to the left side of the heart. Since tthat area of the heart was dead, my cardiologists signed me up for an experimental pacemaker. Since it had been more than 3 months since ny echocardiogram, another was ordered. That is when they discovered the left side had come back to life. Modern medicine cannot explain it and both my cardiologists attribute my recovery to 1. Prayer, 2. My attitude. 3. Doctors amd medication. 3. Diet and exercise. They both refer to me as the "Miracle Man". I have The Prayer Warriors to thank, along with God's ability to heal.

praise report posted on 5/27/2008

i have to say, today i barley was able to come out of my bed. I got up and i felt so sad and missed my ex so bad that i just didnt want to face another day trying to hold it down. Then i looked out of my window and saw a part in the clouds, i started to pray for the pain to go away and for the energy to get through another painful day. I was guided to this website and i entered my need into the prayer section. then i began to look at other peoples prayers.
Something happend deep within me. i was no longer in pain, like a miracle i was energized, i began to pray for the other people and the more i prayed for them the more relief i felt from my own pain. It's now 11.36 and i am tired and ready to go to bed,but i feel so good. i never believed i would be able to feel this amount of peace. i still havent heard from the man i love, but i know and believe that that is just a matter of time. i recieved an email telling me that someone had prayed for me. I know im not allow in my quest. Thank you to all who pray for my desire to hear from my beloved and thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer.
Don't ever loose hope, and you are never alone.
Thanks again, im looking forward to being reunited with you Lloyd.
i know that my hope is in GOD'S hands.
i will sleep good tonight.

praise report posted on 5/26/2008

Yes!! God has pulled me outta depression!
And i realize he put me in that situation to actually touch my family on how real life is as a young adult.

boosiepoynter@yahoo.com posted on 5/25/2008

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