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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Sunday, May 20, 2018
Prayer Warriors have offered 5978586 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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praise the lord.would like to thank .i you for all your prayers. god showed up big time. i was able to tell my wife the truth and everything involved about my past affars..she forgave me and wants to work on our marriage. also she apologized for her wrong doings in the past. this was a major deal that god worked through. and she has actually been excited about our future...only god could have done this...YOUR PRAYERS WORKED BIG TIME. DONT EVER THINK GOD DONT HEAR YOU CAUSE HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

astrotrain36@yahoo.com posted on 5/5/2008

Thanks be to God that my mom was able to sleep last night and didn't have pain today!

prayer request posted on 5/4/2008

Praise to the Lord that today He brought reconciliation between me and someone who had not been talking to me for about 2 years. It was God's clear hand. I could never have imagined the way the reconciliation took place. Thank you Jesus!

prayer request posted on 5/4/2008

Thanks for praying I feel better...

prayer request posted on 5/3/2008

Praise God!! My puppies are home. Thanks for everyone's prayers. It may seem petty to some, but my animals are very important to me and them being lost was very upsetting. Immediatley after posting, I got several e-mails that people had prayed. An hour or so later a neighbor came to my door with my puppies (11:00 p.m.) God is good!

JOSLIN041065@AOL.COM posted on 5/3/2008

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!! GOD MOVED THE MOUNTAINS AND DAN IS GIVING US ANOTHER CHANCE!! I AM BLESSED TO HAVE ALL OF YOU PRAYING FOR US... Kaitlynn my daughter is sooooo happy as am I!! Please continue to pray for our relationship to grow... GOD BLESS!!

lynndasvincent@yahoo.com posted on 5/3/2008

Praise God!! I was feeling so nervous about going in to pick up my last paycheck. But God has answered our prayer and let this be a calm normal day. Thank you for praying with me I know it made all the difference. Thank you and God Bless.

latanyastrivers@yahoo.com posted on 5/2/2008

Thank all of you that prayed for me this week. I am happy to say that God heard us and brought healing to my body. I had all the symptoms of diabetes but God removed that disease from my body. To God be the glory for the things He has done. All my blood work was negative for thr recheck. Faith works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To those that prayed, May God give you the fruits of your labor and in His way may you always favor!

prayer request posted on 5/1/2008

Marissa got her food stamps today! Thank you.

prayer request posted on 5/1/2008

Thank You Lord that my granny passed away peacefully. Please accept her soul in Your kingdom. Amen.

prayer request posted on 5/1/2008

Oh thank you for your prayers, Thanks to you oh Lord! I asked to be close with my in-laws and after 15 years of pain you answered my request! Our love between us is strong and forever. Lord I love thee, you have blessed me with a true miracle, my pain is gone and I am forever grateful!

prayer request posted on 5/1/2008

I thank you for all my blessings and answered prayers, God. Thank you for Mike's e-mail and the continued efforts of communication he establishes with me. Thank you for my financial rewards and wonderful job w/ the babies. Thank you for all health, wealth and blessings w/ and for my family and for hearing all those calling You. Amen.

prayer request posted on 5/1/2008

Josh got his eyeglasses (his attorney took them to him at the jail); he also got the medical attention he needed for his pink eye even. Thank you.

prayer request posted on 4/30/2008

God is good indeed. The Lord restored my marriage. Oh how it looked like it was all over. In court, another woman involved with my husband and so on. Keeping the faith that no matter what the Lord had for me it was the right thing. If your marriage is what you want to salavage, take it to the Lord. Take everything to him in prayer and know that whatever the answer, there is a bigger reason why. Gods plan is the answer.

horticulgrl@juno.com posted on 4/30/2008

Thank God for hearing our prayers about Shawna's health. The Lord is excellent, and we know he will continue to be with us as we continue to pray over Shawna's health issues.

prayer request posted on 4/30/2008

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