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Monday, August 19, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6014433 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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There were two things I have requested prayer for. Both were answered.

First was prayer for the father of my children who left me about 4yrs ago for another woman. He never married me...we had two children together but I loved him very much and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I had prayed and fasted for him to come back, but ultimately he married this other woman after he got HER pregnant. I was devastated and thought it couldn't get any worse...everything I was praying and fasting for was going in the opposite direction....it seems that when things are going horribly wrong is when God is really working to help you....it's just hard to understand why God does things the way he does....but my prayers were answered....My ex has now left this woman and is divorcing her....she didn't want anything to do with me or our children which is a big part of why he left her......we have been spending a lot of time together, but now I'm not sure I want him back. I know it's in the back of his mind for us to be together again. I feel numb and angry but I don't hate him. I just feel strange...like after all the things he put me through (even while he was with her he did things to me that were cowardly). I'm not sure why it all had to come to this. I think God is trying to reach him but he isn't hearing him....still.

Second was for my job...I lost a client...and tried to pick up another client. I requested a certain client several times...they kept rejecting me. So I decided to pick an entirely different client...this client rejected me too. I called and begged the company I worked for to give me a better explanation as to why I'm being denied. They couldn't help me. Then that same day after my phone call to them, I checked my email. After all the rejection notices, there was an acceptance email for the very first client I picked...just out of nowhere. I couldn't believe it. It was definately God. He is amazing. Even though I am a sinner and I do things that are wrong, he still loves me. He is my father and he has mercy on me.

praise report posted on 4/22/2008

I have been praying for a home...I prayed for an apartment, but I have ended up with a mobile home, I thought that the deposit for the mobile hame was going to be 1000.00 and I was so afraid, well I got the call this morning that i only had to pay 650.00 which I had. now we have a home...praise the lord!!!!!!

tamara_thomasson@yahoo.com posted on 4/21/2008

Hallelujah! My cousin has been blessed with a good job. He is coming out of his suicidal depression and able to provide for his family. God is good and does hear our prayers. To Him be all the Glory, Forever!

praise report posted on 4/21/2008

I thank you for praying for my relationship with my husband. I have seen big improvements. Thank you. Please pray that our relationship is blessed and for his salvation. - Sad

praise report posted on 4/20/2008

God, thank you that I am alive to be feeling the need to praise you. I am trying so hard. Its hard, but I accept that everything is as it should be. Please don't forget me either.

praise report posted on 4/18/2008

God, I want to thank you for seeing tha I have been taken care of recently. I also, want to thank you for working on me an dmy husband and healing us and our marriage. We still need a lot more, but thank you so very much. Thank you for lifting burdens when I couldn't carry any more. Thank you so very much.

praise report posted on 4/17/2008

dear brothers and sisters i am requesting every body yesterday my grand mother was fell down the flore she was injured she is a mother for me so please prayer for her. she is very old every body please prayer for health condition.

praise report posted on 4/16/2008

Praise You, dear Lord God, for letting me successfully pass the NAPLEX exam--it is Your miracle and I give all the credits for this exam to You, Lord. Thank YOU!
I also thank everyone who has prayed for me for the exam; I really appreciate your prayers, Now, please, pray that the Lord will make another miracle and let me successfully pass the law exam at the first attempt, in Jesus name, amen.

praise report posted on 4/14/2008

Hallelujah! I wrote in about a week ago and asked for prayer because my doctor told me that a place on my skin might be cancerous, well, today I got the pathology report back and it is not cancer. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers. God Bless your wonderful ministry!

heart356@juno.com posted on 4/14/2008

Thank you Jesus. I am feeling better now. Amen.

praise report posted on 4/12/2008

Thank you Jesus. I am feeling better now. Amen.

praise report posted on 4/12/2008

Father, thank you for honoring your word. Our son Jacob, born healthy April 6 is exactly as you have directed. The money to pay for the birth came as needed, our inlaws are so excited that the Buddhist mother and father in laws are actually going to church to check out Jesus.
May we continue to walk in your ways, honor and respect you in each of the areas in life we struggle and raise our voices to all that will hear praising the Glory of God.
Thank you all who have coupled your faith with ours and may the fullness of the Lord come upon each and every one of you.
In the name of Jesus we praise.

praise report posted on 4/12/2008

career help please God

praise report posted on 4/11/2008

Praise and thak God for answering two of my prayers. First of all the office found the 300 dolars which went missing and secondly i got myUS visa for ten year validity.
Praise God for the eight people who have been coming to our house group on wednesdays.
praise God for good health for Jared and God's protection as he answered his exams.

praise report posted on 4/11/2008

Praise God, and thanks for praying for my Dad!
-He was having some problems with his digestive tract and had a colonoscopy done and praise the Lord all is well!!
Thanks again everybody for your prayers!
God is good!!!

praise report posted on 4/10/2008

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