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use this prayer request form for your need here at the World Center for Intercessory Prayer. This Daily Gathering of Intercessors - and those who need prayer - connects your on-line prayer request to Prayer Warriors all over the World

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Christian Prayer Requests
Enter your Prayer Request here and Prayer Warriors from 77 countries will pray for you, and every time they do - you will know about it. Miracles happen everyday at this site!!!
Whether yours is a request for intercessory prayer or a christian prayer request, use our prayer request form to request prayer for your online prayer request here at the 1 World Center for Intercessory Prayer.

PLEASE DO NOT USE A FALSE EMAIL ADDRESS BECAUSE THEY CLOG AND SLOW THE SERVER DOWN. WE HAVE TO DELETE THEM. All fake email addresses result in 20-30 bounceback (undeliverable) messages PER DAY - PER PRAYER MADE. So if you get prayed for 10 times, We get 300 emails per day from the machines that can't deliver to you. if you post three requests a day, we get 1000 messages per day because of false email addresses used. We have provided absolutely free GMAIL addresses for you. Write us,get one and use that instead.
Thanks for Caring, we want you prayed for!

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